Goddis is an artisanal and luxurious knitwear brand that embraces the beauty of individuality. Our goal is to encourage self-expression while maintaining minimal levels of environmental impact. Each collection is inspired by the vast and vibrant colorways of South America and the breezy bohemian lifestyle of California.

The Goddis woman is empowered, strong, beautiful, and knows what she wants; especially when it comes to her wardrobe. Ultimately, she wears what she feels; she wants easy and effortless pieces that are beautifully made. Inspired by the world, our collections are built with sensitivity to trends, but are not driven by them. Never fussy and always chic, Goddis has become essential to every woman’s wardrobe.

Goddis knitwear has gained a very local and global following over the years. Among these fans is anyone from the girl next door, to some of the world’s A-list celebrities.

Since launching in 2006, Viki has been committed to supporting responsible manufacturing via sustainable, low-impact production. She has the pleasure of personally working with local artisans and small factories, in both Brazil and Peru. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted with the highest quality of local materials and love.

.Goddis knitwear is available online only at this time.

Come explore and escape with us.

Beijos xx